Stacy Keibler

Update on Stacy Keibler’s Discussions on Returning To WWE, Controversial Group Rumored For Hall of Fame is reporting that WWE is not longer talking to Stacy Kiebler about a possible return. The Sun in the UK reported earlier in the week that WWE and Kiebler have had discussions about a return.

Friends close to Stacy are saying that she has turned down WWE a few times since departing. WWE recently contacted her after her split with George Clooney and wanted her in her hometown of Baltimore for Raw a few weeks back.

DX Into Hall of Fame in 2014

WWE have already discussed DX being the headliner for the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame. says that there also have been reports of Chyna included in the induction, as WWE would want to have the entire group present. Ever since the deal with Bruno was struck, backstage officials are saying that anybody could enter if he did.