Goldust & Rollins Hype Battleground, Mark Jindrak On Batista Replacing Him In Evolution

Mark Jindrak On Batista Replacing Him

It was revealed in the new Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come DVD that Mark Jindrak was originally planned to be a part of Evolution, but he ended up losing that spot to Batista. Jindrak, who now wrestles for CMLL in Mexico as Marco Corleone, said the following about the situation on his Twitter: 

"I wasn't ready for Evolution at that time in my career. I was immature and Batista fit better. It was mine to lose and I dropped the ball. But since then I've matured and understood why I missed that chance and it's helped me in my career which ended up in CMLL in Mexico."

Goldust and Rollins Hype WWE Battleground

Seth Rollins and Goldust said the following on Twitter regarding their upcoming tag match at WWE Battleground this Sunday: