The Latest on Eddie Edwards’ ROH Status, JR Comments on Total Divas Relationships & His One Man Show Coming to NYC

The Latest on Eddie Edwards' ROH Status

The very latest on the developing story concerning Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards' Ring of Honor status, we reported yesterday that Richards is no longer with ROH and according to him he is done "for good." Richards was "unbooked" from Final Battle this year as a result of negative comments he made about the company in a UK interview.

With regards to Eddie Edwards, while we were told he is likely done with ROH as well, he is still booked for the Final Battle event, but his match plans are up in the air due to Richards being pulled from the show. WZ was told Edwards' creative plans for the iPPV event will be determined within the next day or so.

It should be noted that none of what is happening with Richards and Edwards where ROH is concerned is because of their tryouts with WWE. Both men were booked for Final Battle long before they traveled to the Performance Center and worked a set of NXT tapings, so even if Edwards ends up not appearing at Final Battle, it will not be because WWE blocked the appearance. Should WWE decide to offer Richards and Edwards contracts then of course they would be unable to accept future bookings from other promotions including ROH.

JR Comments on Total Divas & His One Man Show

Jim Ross has noted the following on Twitter:

Jim Ross has also posted the following on Twitter regarding the relationships featured on Total Divas: