Meet New TNA Knockout Brittany, Bully Ray Explains Actions at Lockdown, Angelina Love Makes Her Return & More Videos from 3/13 Impact Wrestling

TNA has posted several new videos from this week's live episode of Impact Wrestling from Orlando, FL. 

MVP and the newly decorated Abyss confont MVP in the Impact Wrestling opening segment. MVP announces a rematch between Magnus and Samoa Joe for the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Take a look at Brittany, the newest addition to the TNA Knockout's division. 


Speaking of Knockouts, the five-time champion Angelina Love made her highly anticipated return to TNA this week. 

In the final segment of Impact Wrestling, Bully Ray explained his actions at TNA's Lockdown PPV, where he helped Team MVP gain full control of the company's wrestling operations. 

Check out the official TNA Impact Wrestling YouTube channel for more videos from this week's show.