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2014 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony & Red Carpet Coverage: Undertaker & Kane Remember Paul Bearer, Warrior Comes Home & More

2014 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony

April 5, 2014

Follow along with tonight’s live coverage of the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, and the one-hour Red Carpet pre-show live on the WWE Network. 

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Red Carpet Ceremony

Killam: Just a brief note for tonight’s coverage – I don’t plan on doing “play-by-play” for every sentence said at the Hall of Fame. I’m going to kick back and enjoy the show, which should have a lot of emotional stories from some amazing veterans. I’ll be covering the Red Carpet, and giving some basic notes of the speeches, and of course my thoughts on the event as it’s happening. Enjoy tonight guys! 

-Michael Cole welcomes us to the Red Carpet ceremony tonight. They pan over the arena, and you see Christian, Titus O’Neil, and dozens of others guys talking to press and recording WWE YouTube videos. Cole welcomes his co-host tonight, Maria Menounos. 

-The Miz is here, and he’s got his wife – former WWE Diva Maryse. Maryse says she’s excited about Lita, and says she’s always wanted to face her in the ring. Hulk Hogan is here with his family INCLUDING BROOKE. 

-Randy Orton is here with his lovely wife, and talks about inducting his father “Cowboy” Bob Orton. He says Ultimate Warrior wasn’t brought out for rehearsal tonight. Either they are saving him for the big return tonight, or he really just doesn’t want to deal with thousands of screaming fans in New Orleans.