Sting Once Again Appears on the Network, Piper Reacts to Criticism of Warrior Promos, WWE Diva Shooting Music Video

Sting Once Again Appears on the Network

For those who missed last night's Ultimate Warrior documentary on the WWE Network, Sting once again made an appearance during the feature to speak on his and Warrior's careers in the late 80's and Warrior's tragic death on April 8th.

The documentary, which was part of a 4 part series, was titled "Warrior: The Ultimate Legend," and is currently available on the Network as an OnDemand show.

Piper Reacts to Criticism of Warrior Promos

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper was recently interviewed for FOX411 to promote the premiere of Legends House, and Piper had the following to say about the Ultimate Warrior:

"For the wrestling community, he had a tremendous audience. A lot of people used to knock him for his interviews for not making any sense. What they didn’t understand is they weren’t supposed to. They were for children. “I’m Batman. I’m Superman.” And there they are trying to get something great. No, they are for kids. The one thing I’ll say about him is he was a little different, as we are all are, but he would be speaking out about guys like myself, Ric Flair, some other guys saying, “You guys should hang it up. It’s embarrassing. You keep going out.” But he (legally) changed his name to Warrior. I found that a little hypocritical."

WWE Diva Shooting Music Video

Lilian Garcia has noted the following on Twitter:

Back in Los Angeles and on set shooting my new music video! Can't wait to share w you my #LilWarriors !!

— Lilian Garcia (@LilianGarcia) April 17, 2014