What Were This Week’s Top Watched Network Shows?, WWE Hall of Famer Promoting 2 Events in North Korea

What Were This Week's Top Watched Network Shows?

wwe hall of famerDuring last night's Raw taping, WWE revealed the following were the most watched Network shows for last week:

1. WWE Main Event

2. WWE Slam City

3. WWE Legends House

4. RAW Pre-show

5. Extreme Rules 2014


7. RAW Backstage Pass

8. WrestleMania Rewind

9. WrestleMania XXX

10. WWE Countdown

WWE Hall of Famer Promoting 2 Events in North Korea

According to Puroresu Spirit, WWE Hall of Famer and Japanese politician Antonio Inoki will be promoting two state sanctioned pro wrestling events in North Korea this August.

The "International Pro-Wrestling Festival In Pyongyang" will be held on August 30th and August 31st, likely inside of a 20,000 seat arena. Other forms of martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do will be featured. An announcement touted 20 competitors from all over the world.

Non-profit organization Sports Peace Association is sponsoring the festival.