TNA Impact Wrestling Results (5/22) – Knockout Open Challenge, Aries vs MVP, EY vs Lashley

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tna knockout goneTNA Impact Wrestling Results

May 22nd 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for

MVP, Lashley and King get into it with Kaz backstage, then they enter the ring and MVP tells the fans to settle down. He says he has a history lesson, and he came in and took power, just like throughout history because no one just gives you power. MVP says blood is spilled sometimes, and he decided he would never ask permission again, and he's doing this on his terms. King says MVP was a genius for laying all of this out, but he needs to take some credit for their exhibition match. He says he got that spark going, then MVP says his phone call to Lashley was part of it, and Lashley calls him a visionary.

The Wolves cut them off and Davey says they used to have respect for him, and they ask what happened to MVP telling them about honor and winning. MVP says he never lied to them, and he gave them a huge break, and he helped them become champions instead of leaving them in the indies. He says The Wolves should probably be fired and work for table scraps anyway, then they fight with Lashley and King while MVP watches. MVP gets a few shots in as The Wolves are stomped in the corner, then Lashley spears Eddie and they throw Davey outside. MVP says Davey doesn't understand, then Lashley carries him to the stage and spears him off of it into a table.

Eric Young is shown entering the building after the break, and he says MVP can play the numbers game, but he wants some answers now. MVP comes out and says he will get answers on his terms, then King and Lashley come back out and Eric says King is a scumbag. He says he can't believe Lashley did this, and Lashley's son will call him a sellout, but MVP says this is ascension and it's the way to power. They enter the ring and MVP says they are just motivated by money, power and respect, and he will learn one way or another. Eric says the fans motivate him, then he goes after them swinging, but Lashley sends him in the corner and stomps him a few times. Austin Aries runs out and shoulder blocks Lashley, then he pulls King out of the ring and throws him into the barricade. MVP retreats and Aries says he saw him for what he is all along, so they should fight tonight, and MVP says he'll gladly beat his ass again.

BP: This one did take up most of the first thirty minutes, but it was effective. MVP's group made their case for their actions, and Aries' inclusion was pretty natural. He's been playing a bit of a tweener, and Eric Young got some needed help.