More on Tyson Kidd’s New Gimmick, WWE Upset with Legends House Cast Member, Neville Has 4 Teeth Knocked Out

Source: The Wrestling Observer

More on Tyson Kidd's New Gimmick

tyson kidd​As we previously reported, WWE has plans to repackage Tyson Kidd and have him wrestle under a mask.

In an update to that developing story, a mask has reportedly already been made by a Lucha Libre mask making company. There is no word on whether or not the plan is to have Kidd work a Mexican gimmick, but we do know a Lucha Libre style mask has been made.

WWE Upset with Legends House Cast Member

While this is becoming somewhat of a regular thing, WWE officials are reportedly upset with Legends House cast member Roddy Piper.

The heat might stem from comments Piper recently made about Pat Patterson on a Kayfabe Commentaries DVD, or it could stem from the negative things Piper has had to say about Legends House via social media and interviews.

Neville Has Four Teeth Knocked Out

NXT Champion Adrian Neville revealed on the Takeover preview show this week that he legitimately had four front teeth knocked out by Brodus Clay in a backstage segment which took place on the April 17th NXT episode.

This means the injury would have taken place at the March 13th TV tapings, and Neville had dental work done following the incident. Neville has since been wearing a mouth guard during his bouts.