Brodus Clay Speaks on Recent Release, the Funkasaurus Gimmick, His Match Pulled from WrestleMania 29, Del Rio, Vince McMahon & More

wwe tag teamBrodus Clay was a guest on VOC Nation with former ECW/WCW/WWE Superstar Big Vito LoGrasso and Tommy Fierro. The former "Funkasaurus" talked about his recent release from the WWE, having his match pulled from WrestleMania 29, 

"If I'm not able to be out there and contribute I don't want to be there. If you're not going to bring it, then sitting around on the sidelines is not something I want to do. I was a little bit frustrated. This is where creative [was] in one of those funks where they don't know what to do. I probably could have handled it a little better but I'm one of those guys who, when I'm frustrated, do not get vocal."

You're devastated. You're disappointed. You help your team get to the SuperBowl, then your coach, for some reason, doesn't call your number. You know, as it went down, they were fighting for every last minute …. I was standing in gorilla and I saw them look at the time and they were trying to figure out any possible way to get us out there. It's the nature of the business. It's just like that nightmare of running out onto the football field without your helmet …. You hate to be on the receiving end of it. It was what it was but it stung for a long time.

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