WWE Main Event Results (6/24) – Six Man Tag Match, Roman Reigns Interview

WWE Main Event Results – Quick Results: Jack Swagger, Seth Rollins & Bad News Barrett def Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam & Kofi Kingston – Bo Dallas def Fandango – Rybaxel def R-Truth & Xavier Woods –  #wrestlezone  

wwe main event resultsWWE Main Event Results

June 24th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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Dolph Ziggler comes out and cuts a promo on a ladder about why he fights, and he says his cash in after Wrestlemania 29 was his greatest moment. He says the fans are the reason it was so great, and lightning will strike twice because somehow he will win on Sunday. Dolph says Money In The Bank isn't about stealing the show, it's about taking what is rightfully his.

Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam & Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger, Bad News Barrett & Seth Rollins

Swagger sends Kofi into the corner and punches him, then he whips him but comes up empty on a clothesline. Kofi knocks him down and chops him, then Dolph hits a legdrop for two, then he follows with a dropkick before Swagger shoves him back in the corner. Wade tags in and suplexes Dolph, then RVD gets the tag but Wade hits him and throws him on the floor as we go to a break. We get back to see Swagger slam RVD on the mat and hit a Swagger Bomb for two, then he slams RVD into the turnbuckles and Wade kicks him in the face. Wade hits a neckbreaker for two and tries to keep RVD down, then Swagger gets in but RVD catches him with a springboard and makes the tag.

Kofi hits Rollins with some forearm shots and a Boom Drop, then he goes for Trouble In Paradise but Rollins sidesteps it so Kofi hits S.O.S. Swagger and Wade jump in to break up the pin, but RVD and Dolph throw them out of the ring and Kofi goes for a pinfall. Rollins kicks out so Kofi goes for another rollup, but Rollins kicks out again and hits a Curb Stomp for the win. Swagger attacks Kofi after the bell and throws him outside, then he puts Dolph in the Patriot Lock while Wade hits RVD with a ladder. Dolph shifts and kicks Swagger in the face, then Wade hits Dolph and Swagger with the ladder before dropping Swagger with a Bullhammer.

Winners – Jack Swagger, Bad News Barrett & Seth Rollins

BP: This was a decent opener and pretty easy to follow. This was actually more enjoyable and less formulaic than the handicap matches featuring the Championship ladder match participants.

Fandango finds Layla and tries to apologize, but she gets pissed and asks if he's there because Summer Rae isn't. Fandango says he got her a rose and he would never mistreat her, and they should move on from this. He says she is the only one for him, then he looks deep into her eyes and they make out.