Brodus Clay Reveals Why WWE Uses the Word “Superstars” & Not “Wrestlers”, Talks Social Media, Johnny Ace, Favorite Gimmick & More

Brodus ClayFormer WWE Superstar Brodus Clay made his second VOC Nation appearance of the week, this time joining Nani and Kevin on Wednesday night's "Pandemonium" show. Pandemonium can be heard every Wednesday at 7:30PM ET in the VOC Nation Radio Network.

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Brodus has had a lot on his mind in the days following his WWE release; here's some more of what he had to say:

On how WWE uses the term "Superstars" instead of "wrestlers":

"That's for a tax break & stuff though. We're entertainers. The game has changed. It's a tax break."

On Grim's Toy Show:

"[Grim] He does these reviews of toys all the time & he sends them to me whenever he reviews one of my toys. He would send it to me & he’d be like, ‘hey, can you check out my stuff?” & he’d be all gracious & real polite & nice about it. & then the version that I saw wasn’t the version that he put up. He does this thing that he wants you to approve his stuff & then goes back & tries to turn it around. He’s an annoying little guy, y’know? & he was on my bucket list… When you get released, you go looking for the guys who trolled you or talked trash about you & run their mouths & all that kind of stuff.  (When you’re a) WWE Superstar, you have to just let that stuff go; (now I can confront them).  With the modern technology, you no longer have accountability so anyone behind a computer screen, usually their mom’s [computer screen], can be as tough as they want to & they can say what they want to. Everyone has this opinion & they don't have to back it up or be accountable or respectful or have dignity because there's no consequences."

On Social Media in Wrestling:

"For every 100 tweets, I get maybe there's one that's like that [disrespectful] so I wouldn't trade all of the good stuff on the Internet…Twitter or Facebook & stuff & the people that are fans & they enjoy it. Y'know I'm one of the guys that, if a fans send me a question, 90% of the time, I try to answer it. It's a good tool to stay in touch with the fans. I appreciate it, because, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have gotten as far as I've gotten. So I appreciate that but, at the same time, it keeps me humble. I enjoy that aspect of that."

On his favorite gimmick he's had:

"Funkasaurus. It was a lot of fun. That was a chance to do a character that hadn't been done in a really long time. Probably not since Junkyard Dog. & to bring fans back into the ring, the interaction, to make them part of it, I enjoyed that. That's something that I'm always glad I took that risk. I can be tough any day of the week & honestly, the way in America, if you stare at people, you're automatically tough. That's not really challenging in terms of acting & like, stepping up, & really challenge yourself. Funkasaurus was the character that I had to step out of my shell & really challenge myself & I had a lot of fun doing it."

On His Former Tag Team Partner, Sweet T:

"I talk to him all of the time. He's a trainer now & he's doing announcing. He's a great asset to the company. Whatever they ask him to do, he'll do it well. There's no question. He's an all-around great guy."

On being an activist against the slaughtering of dolphins in Japan:

"I'm working with the son of Richard Barry. They shot the documentary, 'The Cove.' If you haven't seen that, you really need to check that out. I'm going out there to join with Lincoln & Richard in a protest in the season of the round-up. Like they did with the Cove, I'm doing the same thing. Honestly, we're not going out there to power-bomb Japanese fisherman. The money that they would make doing tours with tourism & the hotels in the city, as a whole, as opposed to one time a year, making money for a small group of people would be astronomical. It would raise the economy in the town & create jobs. It would build prosperity. There's people who want to come see the dolphins. & I think they're missing the boat on that. I'm trying to give them information that the world is watching them, because it's not the way. It's not tradition. It's not like they just started doing that by being taught by another fishing village… it's just guys who are making money. If it's about making money, then there's other ways to make money."

On Weight Control and being part of Fitcamp:

"Kids don't play outside anymore… so that's one of the things with FitCamp that they stress on parents. Make them play outside. You can go outside, too, y'know? Get back to that. When was the last time you saw kids arguing over a wiffleball game? I would probably be happy if I walked out of my house to see a baseball go through my window & two kids standing there, saying 'I'm sorry.  I started with Fitcamp meal when I was (trying to) cut (my) weight. They basically calorie-out your food everyday & it's made fresh so it's not frozen or anything like that… They ship it to your doorstep. It was important for me… I wanted to stay power-lifting & I wanted to drop the weight. I was able to drop 170 lbs with (Fitcamp) & I was able to keep the muscle at the same time."

On John Laurinitis:

"Mr. Laurinitis hired me. He's always been a great supporter of mine; I enjoyed working with him & I have nothing but love for him. He's a good guy. He did his job."

On his schedule, post-WWE:

"Busy is a very good feeling & I'm definitely busy."

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