Triple H Posts Photo w/ Kenta; Will WWE Be Changing His Name? Matt Hardy Calls Out Luke Hawx (Video)

Triple H Posts Photo w/ Kenta

Triple H has posted a photo of himself with WWE’s newest acquisition to the NXT developmental brand, Kenta Kobayashi.

While nothing is confirmed at this point, WWE has gone to great lengths in the last week to mention Kenta by his name, which could be an indication that they don’t plan on repackaging him during his run in NXT. When they first announced the signing of Sin Cara in 2011, they had already developed a new name and character for him, while mentioning that he wrestled around the world previously as Mistico. 

Matt Hardy Calls Out Luke Hawx

This Saturday, July 19th, Matt Hardy will defend the MCW Heavyweight Championship against independent rival Luke Hawx. The two will face off in a TLC match at the annual Shane Shamrock Cup. The Extreme Rising Championship – which Hawx still has in his possession despite the company’s defunct status – will also be on the line.