Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite Triple H and Jeff Hardy 2-Pack In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take a look at the new Mattel WWE Elite Triple H and Jeff Hardy 2-pack!

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The Packaging

The packaging to this set is super vibrant and detailed to reflect the old SmackDown 2001 color scheme. The box is similarly shaped to the previous WWE Elite 2-packs, which is great for consistency for display. The box showcases both Triple H and Jeff Hardy with a large window showing the figures and their accessories. Each side shows each superstar while the back shows them, statistics and a brief summary of their match the set is based on.


Triple H

First up we have Triple H, which is practically an Elite version of his Ultimate Edition figure that came out not long ago. This one has his newer, throwback head scan with his shorter hair. He has his signature wrist tape and hand tape as well as his black trunks with his Triple H logos on them. Not to mention his black knee pads and black boots. He also comes with swappable hands with his finger tape on them and the throwback Intercontinental Championship.

Overall, Triple H definitely isn’t the highlight of this set, but it’s nice to have a new throwback Elite of him. A lot of his figures look the same from this period of his career as well I must say, but it’s not a bad figure at all.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff is easily the gem of this set and for right reason, too. He is super colorful and comes with swappable cloth shirts, one being his mesh shirt with the sewn on red patches as well as his purple and green jersey with the Hardy logo on it. He has his rainbow pink/red hair with the yellow highlight in it and he comes with a rubber necklace with the Hardy pendant on it. The necklace is removable, just be careful pulling it over his hair. Looking at Jeff’s attire he his typical black armbands with the holes in them and even painted black fingernails on his hands. He also has a white belt with perforated holes in it and of course his signature black pants with his black/white shoes underneath. Jeff also comes with swappable Hardy hands doing his signature gun-style hand pose.

Overall, this figure of Jeff is excellent and has people super excited. The detail on him is great as is the likeness of his headscan. The little necklace he comes with is great, too, but the best part of it all is the swappable cloth shirts. People have wanted this Hardy forever and it’s great we finally have it. I highly recommend the set for this Hardy alone as he is truly worth it.


Overall, this set is pretty awesome. The packaging really pops and I love that a lot about it. It’ll be great for those whom collect mint on card. The figures are pretty nice, too. While Triple H isn’t the most exciting figure, it still looks good and is a nice updated throwback figure. As I said though, Jeff is the true gem of the set as it’s a version we’ve all wanted for a long time. The swappable attire is such a cool feature to this figure and makes it special. The old school IC title is also nice to have. Definitely pick this up while you can as I feel people will regret it if they don’t jump on it sooner.

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