Breaking News: Five More WWE Talent Cuts; NXT Stars Confirm Release

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WWE has released five more wrestlers from their contracts today, this news following yesterday’s news that 55 WWE employees were released from their positions.

The NXT stars that were let go are:

Garrett Dylan

Travis Tyler

Slate Randall

Mac Miles

Dani Jackson

The timing of the releases is interesting since more office cuts were expected around the time of yesterday’s earnings report announcement.

Ricardo Rodriguez was the notable talent let go from his contract on Wednesday, but the 55 employees let go yesterday made up 7% of WWE’s workforce. Vince McMahon was reported to have notified employees the employment cuts were over, but nothing was said about talent cuts. It wasn’t expected to see more talent cuts, however with Rodriguez’s and the NXT talents’ release, that is not the case.

Sam Udell, the wrestler who was known as Travis Tyler with WWE/NXT, posted the following tweet, confirming his release from the company:

 Jody Kristofferson, who is also son of actor and musician Kris Kristofferson, was known as Garrett Dylan, and also posted a tweet about his release. It was noted that this is the second time Kristofferson has been released from a developmental contract. You can see his tweet below: