WWE Twitter Feed Continues to Blame Del Rio, Vince Russo Explains Infamous Sable & Sunny Magazine Cover Story

Vince Russo Explains Infamous Sable & Sunny Magazine Cover Story

In his latest column for WhatCulture.com, Vince Russo explained the infamous Sunny and Sable WWF Magazine cover story from January 1998:

“If you worked the wrestling side of the WWF at the time, it was no secret to anyone that Sable and Sunny HATED each other. Now, I’ve got to be fair here, I think it was more on Sunny’s part than Sable. There is no doubt that Sunny was just flat out jealous of Sable, and quite frankly—I could never understand why? To me, they were two completely different types of women with their own appeal. Sunny was the girl next door, and Sable was the mysterious, exotic beauty. They both had their followers.

So, when I made the call to do a swimsuit edition of the RAW Magazine, and give both Sunny and Sable their separate covers—I should have known that I was in for it. I chose a picture of Sunny that was extremely sexy—I thought it put her in a spectacular light. Well—she didn’t agree. And, I found that out first hand when she came onto our floor to look at the pictures we chose. After viewing them, she grabbed them and ran to my office and screamed, “That’s not me! That’s not me!” I remember being caught so off guard at the time, that all I could do was laugh and say, “Well—if it’s not you—WHO IS IT THEN?!””

WWE Twitter Feed Continues to Blame Del Rio

Despite WWE claiming its announcement regarding Alberto Del Rio’s release would be the only statement made on the subject, the WWE Twitter feed has posted the following: