More on Mark Yeaton’s WWE Departure and Future Budget Cuts, Backstage Stephanie vs Brie News


stephanie vs brieMore on Mark Yeaton’s WWE Departure and Future Budget Cuts

As we reported last week, longtime WWE timekeeper Mark Yeaton was released from the company after 30 years of employment.

Yeaton was a “Kevin Dunn guy,” and Dunn’s people are slowly being phased out as HHH and Stephanie McMahon gain more power behind the scenes.

As for future WWE cuts, more will be taking place between now and December, and might not necessarily be anything noticeable to viewers, as was the case with Yeaton until it was reported online.

Backstage Stephanie vs Brie News

Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella have reportedly been training very hard for their match at SummerSlam, as they want it be as good as possible.

With regards to any warm-up matches, is reporting Stephanie will not be having a bout on Raw leading up to her SummerSlam match, and we won’t see her in the ring until the actual PPV.

As of now, Stephanie vs Brie will not take place for the first time until Summerslam next week, as there are no live event matches planned for them either.