Kaitlyn Reveals How The Life Of A WWE Diva Truly Works, Talks The Definition Of Glamour and More

KaitlynFormer WWE Divas Champion Kaityn, who now goes by her real name Celeste Bonin, has published a new column at PWMania.com. Celeste talks about how the life of a WWE Diva is truly the definition of glamour and more. Here is an excerpt from her entry:

“This is about how the life of a WWE diva is truly the definition of glamour, the pure joy of being a woman (in show business… And just in general), and other lies.

Let me paint a picture for you… As I sit here writing this epic piece of reality, I’m wearing a tight pair of high waisted spandex leggings tucked into spikey stilettos. My push up bra is putting in work under my cropped denim vest. (I’m very close to looking like I’m wearing a slutty Canadian tuxedo). My hair has a soft wave to it and smells like rainbows and glitter. I have spent at least an hour applying make up, only to make it look like I’m barely wearing any at all. I’m perfectly accessorized from my gold necklace that reads “BadBitch” down to my vajazzle masterpiece (google that).

Now, if you believe I’m dressed like this while I’m sitting at home…Stop reading now. Why? Because you are precious and it would be a crime for me to rain on your parade.

There really are some ridiculous standards out there for women. The media and other outlets have really set the bar high, especially when it comes to women in the spot light.

This is a look at what really happens behind the scenes and also about the on going struggle for women like myself …and as a whole.”

You can read Celeste’s column “Diva Dish With Celeste,” in its entirety at this link.