Hornswoggle On Leprechaun Origins; Talks Makeup Process, Creating His Persona, PWS Announces ‘Monday Night Mayhem’

file_185849_1_hornswoggleHornswoggle On Leprechaun Origins

WWE Superstar Hornswoggle recently talked to MoviePilot about his new film, Leprechaun: Origins, which is in limited theater release starting today.

Hornswoggle talks about a number of parts of the film making process, including getting into makeup, finding his character compared to who he is in WWE, and much more. You can read a few excerpts below:

How different was creating a movie character from creating a wrestling persona?

I don’t know. For film, I think it’s harder because you’re not getting that instant gratification that you would in WWE. Punch a guy in the face in WWE, people are going to cheer. Here, you punch a guy in the face, eight seconds later, “Cut, all right, let’s go again.” Okay, was that good? Was that bad? What do I need to change? You don’t know if it was good, so it’s very different. I think filmmaking is a lot harder than WWE at times.

How involved was the makeup for Leprechaun: Origins?

Two and a half hours twice a day. Two and a half hours in, hour to get out, lunch. Two and a half hours in, hour out. By day three I was cussing, just sick of it. I don’t know why I was having a bad day. I was just having a bad day. I was so mad at everything, but now seeing the final product, I would’ve sat there for five hours. It is so good. The creature turned out so awesome, the prosthetics and the makeup. It was amazing.

Leprechaun: Origins opens in limited theater release today, and comes to digital and video-on-demand services beginning August 26th.

PWS Starts ‘Mayhem’

Pro Wrestling Syndicate announces “Monday Night Mayhem” is coming to the airwaves. ‘Mayhem’ is PWS’ brand new weekly internet show, which premieres on Monday, August 25th.

New episodes will be released weekly on Monday at 11pm. You can watch the intro to the new show in the player below.