Washington Post Covers Alberto Del Rio’s WWE No-Compete Being Thrown Out, Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez Reuniting in AAA

Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez Reuniting in AAA

alberto del rioAs we noted last week, at the end of the World Wrestling Council TV show two weeks ago, Juan Manuel Ortega was seen talking on the phone with someone, and he made mention of El Patron, who is former WWE star Alberto Del Rio.

At the end of this past Saturday’s show, Ortega was seen driving to the airport, where it was revealed he was picking up former WWE star Ricardo Rodriguez.

Ortega told Ricardo he manages both The WWC Universal Champion and the Tag Team Champions, and one person he needs out of the picture in order to fully control WWC is Ray Gonzalez. Ricardo then told Ortega he has a message from El Patron Alberto.

The two then drove to a golf course where Gonzalez was playing, and confronted him. Rodriguez told Gonzalez he had a message from El Patron Alberto, then spit in Gonzalez’s face, and insulted Puerto Rico to end the segment.

Washington Post Covers Del Rio’s WWE No-Compete Clause Being Thrown Out

In related Del Rio news, The Washington Post has picked up on his no-compete clause with WWE being thrown out, and the following is an article excerpt:

“Alberto Del Rio fans can breath a sigh of relief. The ex-WWE superstar who was fired last month for reportedly slapping an employee over a racist joke, is set to wrestle again after getting a non-compete clause thrown out in court.”