WWE Broadcaster Shutting Down His Website, Issues Official Statement, Ezekiel Jackson Now Taking Indy Bookings

WWE Broadcaster Shutting Down His Website

wwe broadcasterWWE broadcaster JBL is shutting down his LayfieldReport.com website, and has issued the following statement:

The Layfield Report Signing Off

“We want to thank all the readers and people who have viewed Layfield Report. It has been a pleasure building a site that, hopefully, has been a joy to visit. Unfortunately for the site, Michael Cole and I are joining another media company that will house our podcast, videos, radio shows and our social media. This has been a hard decision but we feel confident that our new platform will give us the opportunity to spread our message more. We believe the world is centrist and that our politicians on both sides have let us down-we want to offer solutions and feel that the bigger established platform will help us do just that. We also just enjoy discussing current events as we are both news junkies. Thank you kindly for visiting our site and subscribing to our newsletter. We will have more info the week of October 20th to share. Because we are going to a bigger platform we are shutting down our site since it would be competition against our new home.

Soon, John and Michael both will be on over 300 terrestrial radio stations in the US and all the elements of the Layfield Report will live on, just a different form. Thank you again and we will give plenty of updates as soon as we are allowed.”

Ezekiel Jackson Now Taking Indy Bookings

Big Ryck/Big Zeke (WWE’s Ezekiel Jackson) is now available for wrestling and appearance bookings through Bill Behrens showbis@aol.com and www.sbibookings.com.

Big Ryck is currently a featured performer for Lucha Underground Television on the El Rey Network.

He is based in Los Angeles.