Ezekiel Jackson Talks His WWE Debut with Brian Kendrick, Working w/Regal & Kozlov, Growing Up a Wrestling Fan & More

ezekiel jacksonMain Event Madness Radio (11/05/14)

With Former WWE Superstar/Lucha Underground Star Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson

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(Interview starts at the 68:27 mark) On growing up a Wrestling fan:

“The long version of the story is, at eight years old I saw wrestling for the first time and a neighbor of ours used to allow us to watch television through their windows and one day, I saw wrestling for the first time. It was 1986 or 1987 and I was eight years old. It was “Iceman” Chuck Parson and I was smitten, so I’ve been a fan of wrestling forever.”

On his debut and working with Brian Kendrick:

“The thing about Brian Kendrick is that he’s not going to try to hold his tongue, he’s not going to baby you, he’s not going to try to please you just to please you. If it is wrong, he will tell you it is wrong, but it if it is right, he will tell you it is right. He’s not going to walk on eggshells around anybody, he’s a straight shooter, he lets you know straight up if he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t like you. Kendrick chose me for that role, he came, sat, met up with me when I was in Florida Championship Wrestling, told me his plans and asked if I was interested. The dude came to Florida and asked if I was willing to come into that role, that earned my respect on a whole new level for him. I think we had for whatever reason, we didn’t hit it the way I thought we could have, whether it be writing, creative, myself, himself, I don’t know.”

On his time working with William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov as The Ruthless Roundtable:

“With Regal combined, the three of us, I felt it was, we did the whole he won one, one-upsmanship. He would hit me with his finisher, then we did the thing at SummerSlam, myself and Christian, where I turned on Christian. You had Christian as Champion, you had Dreamer, you had Goldust, you had, you know Regal working with us, Hurricane, I thought, let’s see what happens again, put two big guys together and we worked well. I had a chance to learn more in the wrestling aspect of it, it was fun for while it lasted. I thought again that The Ruthless Roundtable thing, I thought it could’ve been phenomenal had it gotten a chance on RAW or SmackDown.” Jackson also talks about his time as the WWE Intercontinental Champion and the ECW, why he joined Lucha Underground, his brief role on TNA Wrestling and so much more. The interview can be listened to via the Spreaker link above or in the player below: