Wrestling Reality Show Cancelled By AMC, New DVD Cover Art For WWE Slam City Revealed

resistance pro wrestlingWrestling Reality Show Cancelled

It was reported several months back that Resistance Pro Wrestling, the Chicago-based promotion owned by Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, was supposed to be featured on an AMC TV series. 

Variety is reporting the decision was based on AMC wanting to cut back on unscripted shows, and put more focus and resources in the scripted series on the network. 

It was noted that several shows were pretty far into their development so they could find homes on new networks, and PWInsider reports AMC is allowing producers to shop the Resistance Pro series to other networks or streaming services. 

WWE Slam City Cover Art  

The following image is the new WWE Slam City cover art, a new DVD compilation of the first 26 episodes of the WWE animated series. 

Wrestling DVD News provided the exclusive look at the artwork, and reported that the disc is confirmed for release in the UK this November and Australia in December. There was no mention of a North American release, but it’s possible that the DVD could be a store exclusive (Walmart, KMart, etc) or as a Mattel related release. 

WWE Slam City DVD