Eric Bischoff Comments On New Social Casino Game, New IGN Clip Says ‘The Game Has Changed’ In WWE 2K15 Gameplay Preview

eric bischoffBischoff On Social Casino Game

We reported earlier today that Hulk Hogan was involved in a new social casino game called MX Casino, published by MX Digital.

Former WCW President and on-screen WWE general manager Eric Bischoff is one of the co-founders of MX Digital, and he spoke on the project in the game’s press release. Regarding the timing of the Facebook game, Bischoff said the following: 

“We have been looking for the right strategy, and the right partner to expand into the social gaming sector for some time,” says Eric Bischoff of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment and co-founder of MX Digital. “We have great brands with partners who have passionate social media fan bases and who are anxious to promote these games with us.”

MX Digital produces digital slot games internationally and is now moving into the social media game market with the MX Social Casino App on Facebook. 

WWE 2K15 Gameplay Preview

IGN has posted the following clip of a WWE 2K15 gameplay preview, noting how 2K has implimented gameplay changes to this year’s game.

In addition, the clip notes how much more motion capture went into this year’s game than in previous years.