11/13 WWE NXT Results: Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn NXT Championship Match, Finn Balor Makes In-Ring Debut, Lucha Dragons in Action & More

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October 13, 2014

Report by Mike Killam for Wrestlezone.com

-The show starts with footage from last week, where Finn Balor (Prince Devitt) made his debut and took out the Ascension with Hideo Itami. 

-Finn Balor is out to the ring to begin NXT. He gets a warm reception from the fans. Finn says that he is here in NXT because he’s the “future”. Before he can get into it, Tyson Kidd and Natalya interrupt him. Kidd says he doesn’t want to hear Balor’s life story, and says that he lacks respect. Justin Gabriel comes out and agrees with Tyson, and says he’s sick of all the new “international superstars” coming into NXT, and vows to show Balor just how far away from the top he is. They rush the ring, but Hideo Itami is here to make the save, and we’re going to have a tag team match to start tonight’s action!


Kidd wants to lock up with Finn, but after they dance around the ring a bit, Kidd tags out to Justin Gabriel without doing anything. Gabriel comes in and gets dropkicked immediately, then rolls to the floor. Balor flies over the ropes to take them both down, and we cut to commercial. 

Itami is in after the break, and he’s got Gabriel in a side headlock. Mention of the “New Japan Dojo” from A-Train on commentary, and a comparison to the Hart Dungeon. Finn comes in and chops the hell out of Justin, then levels Kidd with a big boot on the apron. On the floor the 2-on-1 is too much for him, and Tyson hits Balor with a neckbreaker on the ramp. Gabriel tags him with a few hard knife-edge chops, and rolls back into the ring for a one-count. Justin rolls through a nice suplex into a rest hold, and tags in his partner. Kidd and Balor trade right hands until Finn connects with a Pele Kick. Hideo makes the hot tag for the babyfaces, but runs into boots in the corner. Justin Gabriel tags in for his team, but comes off the top rope into a standing dropkick. Dragonscrew from Itami and Balor gets the tag. They do stereo dropkicks in the corner on both heels, and Balor puts away Gabriel with a diving double foot stomp from the top.