WWE Nominated For Award For Best Branding, DDP Released From Hospital, Issues Statement On Upcoming Surgery And Recovery

wweWWE Nominated For Award

WWE announced they have been nominated for a Firestarter Award by Firebrand Group Award for “Best Brand” on Twitter.

The Culinary Institute of America, Arby’s and Home Goods in the category; fans can vote for the best brand and other Firestarter awards by clicking here. 

DDP Released From Hospital 

Diamond Dallas Page has been released from the hospital after being diagnosed with subglottic tracheitis, but will likely have throat surgery later this week.

DDP issued a lengthy Facebook update (click here to read the full post), or read some excerpts below: 

I JUST wanna THANK ALL of YOU Team DDPY members and friends of mine, DDP, who eventually will be doing DDP YOGA smile emoticon 

I wanted to tell you all, YOU actually Choked me up with so many kind loving words… I know this epilogue/blog will seem like my own Add ALL over the place talking about this movie but I’m about to work it into this story… you’re going to have to TRUST me here. This is the most Emotional piece I’ve ever written and it’s TOTALLY in response to what ALL of YOU have written to me over the last 48 hours… Now if you’re one of those people and I know who you are because I’ve one of you most of my LIFE … who are say wait a minute this shit is way to long… STOP reading right now because it’s going to get long but if your ready to LEARN… GROWN… THINK… Get INSPIRED TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE… READ ON my Friends… 

…I go back in to see the Dr. Carothers on Wednesday and most likely will have the operation on Thursday or Friday and get these nodules removed and whatever else has to be done once he gets in there. Again I just want to THANK YOU ALL for being so Amazing!