Details on Top Name Leaving TNA Wrestling After 10 Years w/ the Company

samoa joe leaves tnaSamoa Joe made a shocking announcement earlier this afternoon that he has parted ways with TNA Wrestling. 

V.P. of Talent Relations John Gaburick released an official statement that “TNA and Joe have mutually agreed to part ways” following the expiration of his contract, so he did not quit and was not fired. 

Joe signed his first contract with TNA in 2005 and debuted at Slammiversary, immediately branded the “Samoan Submission Machine”. He is a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, a five-time X-Division Champion, two-time tag champion, one-time television champion, and was only the third triple crown and grand slam champion in TNA history. Per Dave Meltzer’s Observer ratings, he has wrestled the only 5-star match in the company’s history, along with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.