Christopher Daniels Talks His Overall TNA Experience, Does He Think Samoa Joe Would Be a Good Fit in WWE?

christopher danielsRing of Honor star Christopher Daniels recently did an interview with ABC News affiliate WPVI-TV to promote Tommy Dreamer’s “House of Hardcore 8” event in Philadelphia, and the following are some interview highlights:

Does He Still Keep in Touch With Samoa Joe? Would He Be a Good Fit in WWE?:

“Absolutely. I do keep in contact with him. I think any company that gives Samoa Joe an opportunity is going to benefit and be happy. I think Joe is a great performer. His last 10 years in TNA is just a testament to that. I think he’s one of those guys that didn’t fit the stereotypical mold, but that’s what makes him such an appealing performer. I think whether it’s WWE, the independents, or overseas, wherever he goes, he’s going to make an impact – no pun intended – and he’s going to continue to show the people why he’s one of the most famous wrestlers and one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Right now, this is a perfect opportunity, there’s so much being talked about in terms of the Performance Center in WWE. With the signings of guys like Kevin Steen [Kevin Owens in NXT] and Fergal Devitt [Finn Balor in NXT], if Samoa Joe were to go NXT, go through the WWE system the way that guys are going now, I think there’s a high probability that he would succeed, as well. It’s really just a matter of is that what Joe wants to do, is that what WWE wants to do, but to me, if I was WWE, I would certainly make an offer as soon as I could.”

Was His Overall TNA Experience Positive?:

“Yeah, overall. First and foremost, I had the opportunity to make great friendships there and wrestle great matches. I don’t think I’ll go a day as a professional wrestler without remembering the good parts of my TNA career. That really is the bulk of my career that people are aware and familiar with. A lot of that is TNA. It would be very ridiculous for me to focus on the negative on that when there were so much positive to enjoy and to remember and reflect on.

To this day, if a wrestling fan comes up to me, one out of two times they are going to say something about wrestling with AJ [Styles] or wrestling against Samoa Joe or the tag team I’m doing now with Frankie Kazarian, the matches Elix Skipper and I had with America’s Most Wanted early on in the run of TNA. There’s a lot of stuff that people were entertained by and that have stuck with them over the years; that means a lot to me that fans remember stuff that happened in 2004, 2005.”