Update and New Video Footage of AAA Wrestler Who Died Following Match With Rey Mysterio

PWTorch.com is reporting that AAA wrestler El Hijo del Perro Aguayo died early this morning after a mishap during the 619 spot with Rey Mysterio at a show in Tijuana, Mexico. Below is the video

(CAUTION: The video below may be disturbing to viewers)

UPDATED VIDEO: The spot where it looks to be the last motion from him is around the 6:20 mark.

News reports are stating that El Hijo took the initial spot in the trachea and experienced whiplash. He was later transported to a nearby hospital in Mexico. Newspaper El-mexicano.com reported El Hijo died around 1:00 AM local time.

It should be noted that nobody is claiming that Rey Mysterio was responsible for the death of El Hijo and it is still not clear what exactly happened.

TJ Perkins, also known as Manik, tweeted the following earlier this morning: