Sports Illustrated Profiles Macho Man Randy Savage: WWE Superstars And Legends Comment On The 2015 Hall Of Famer’s Career

Macho ManSports Illustrated recently ran a profile on their “Extra Mustard” subsite about Macho Man Randy Savage’s career.

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated profiles Macho Man Randy Savage, starting out as a professional baseball player up to his legendary in-ring career and tonight’s Hall of Fame induction. The article features several quotes from names like Scott Hall, Harley Race, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, baseball legend Pete Rose and several others. You can read a few excerpts below: 

Pete Rose, a spring-training teammate of Savage, on Randy’s athletic ability:

“Randy was a super athlete,” says Pete Rose, a spring-training teammate of Savage’s in 1974. “He was very limber, flexible, so it didn’t surprise me he was a pretty good baseball player.”

Harley Race: 

“I knew Randy right from day one when he started wrestling. I helped him put together that image of the Macho Man. He had a way about him. He grabbed your attention through his voice. That allowed him to present himself as a type of a character. He and Angelo were both great, but his dad couldn’t talk like him. That got Randy over with the people.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin: 

“Macho Man, that guy’s stuff back when he was in Tennessee, was incredible. His intensity, his promo style—he was the Macho Man 24/7, 365—and he was that before he got to the WWF. Vince [McMahon] didn’t make him, he made himself. Vince then made him a superstar all over the world.”

Daniel Bryan: 

“I’d love to be this era’s Macho Man. There are a lot of similarities between the two of us. He was so good and just had that connection with the crowd. You can watch him to this day, he’s so entertaining.”