More Details On Nixed John Cena Heel Turn; Why He Didn’t Get A Refund For The $5,000 He Spent On Ring Gear, WWE Live Attendance Numbers

wrestlemania 31Nixed John Cena Heel Turn

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

John Cena revealed during his WWE Network podcast interview with Chris Jericho that he was very close to turning heel during his Wrestlemania XXVIII feud with The Rock. 

Cena said he was close enough that he recorded new entrance music and had new ring gear designed, which reportedly cost him $5,000 to have made by seamstress Sue Kotulski. Cena ended up cancelling the order before Kotulski completed it, and asked her to use the money towards WWE developmental ring gear instead of giving him a refund. Before moving to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, developmental was in Tampa and Cena was said to have told the same story about the nixed heel turn. The developmental coaches were tabbed to vote on the most oustanding talent of the month, who in turn would get $500 credit for ring gear from Kotulski. 

Kotulski has made ring gear for Impact Wrestling’s Bram, and several WWE and NXT stars including Charlotte, Tyler Breeze, The Vaudevillains, Cesaro, Paige, Big E and others. 

WWE Live Attendance Numbers

The following statistics are attendance figures from last week’s WWE and NXT live events: 

– April 2nd in Tampa, FL for NXT drew around 225 fans

– April 3rd in Palatka, FL for NXT drew around 150 fans

– April 4th in Orlando for NXT drew around 350 fans

– April 6th in Austin, TX for RAW drew 6,000 fans

– April 7th in Dallas for SmackDown drew 9,500 fans