WWE Royal Rumble preview

WWE Royal Rumble Results 1.27.19

January 27th, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Pre Show: 

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable (c) vs Rezar and Scott Dawson

Dawson shoulder blocks Roode. Gable tags in and sends Roode into Dawson. Gable monkey flips Dawson out of the corner. Gable takes Dawson over with a head scissors. Gable misses a dropkick. Dawson tags in Rezar, who chokeslams Gable. Nasty crossface strikes by Rezar. Rezar and Dawson work over Gable. Gable manages to tag in Roode, who clears the ring. Roode spine busters Dawson. Blockbuster by Roode to Rezar. Rezar holds Roode as Dawson tries a dropkick. roode moves out of the way and Dawson dropkicks Rezar. Gable and Roode hit their finish on Dawson for the win.

Winners- Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

United States Championship Match: Rusev (c) w/Lana vs Shinsuke Nakamura 

Rusev drives Nakamura into the corner. Rusev suplexes Nakamura around the ring. Rusev clotheslines Nakamura over the top rope. Rusev runs into a kick by Nakamura on the outside. Nakamura sends Rusev into the barricade. Nakamura lands a running knee on the apron. Rusev kicks out. Bad vibrations by Nakamura. Nakamura knees Rusev in the gut. Rusev kicks out again. Nakamura lays into Rusev with a few stiff knees. Rusev tosses Nakamura clear across the ring with a fallaway slam. Nakamura walks into a spinning heel kick from Rusev. Nakamura kicks out at two. Rusev calls for a dive but Nakamura kicks Rusev in the head before he can fly. Rusev boots Nakamura in the head before he can take advantage. Rusev sets up the Accolade.

Nakamura avoids it and blasts Rusev with a sliding knee. Nakamura calls for the Kinshasa. Rusev moves. Rusev hits the Machka Kick. Rusev picks ups Nakamura and drops him with a sidewalk slam. Nakamura holds onto Rusev’s arm and puts him in a triangle choke. Rusev manages to stand out of it but Nakamura turns it into a guillotine choke. Rusev reverses it into a float over suplex. Nakamura kicks out yet again. Rusev sets Nakamura on the top rope. Rusev tries a superplex but Nakamura turns it into a facebuster. Nakamura hits the landslide. Rusev kicks out. Nakamura takes the turnbuckle pad off. Lana gets on the apron and tries to get the referee’s attention. Nakamura and Lana argue on the apron. Rusev accidentally knocks Lana off the apron. Nakamura hits a Kinshasa to the back of Rusev’s head. Nakamura gets the three count for the win.

Winner and NEW United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura!

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