TMZ: Father of the Late Eddie Gilbert Suing WWE, Ask Your Questions For TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell

Gilbert Suing WWE

According to TMZ, Tommy Gilbert – father of the late Eddie “Hot Stuff” Gilbert – is taking WWE to court for “plastering his son’s image and likeness all over TV”. The family isn’t trying to get the content taken down, they just want to be compensated for Eddie’s character and likeness being used. 

While nothing is certain at the moment, WWE may end up on the winning side of this battle, as they own the rights to the ECW and WCW libraries and all the matches and segments they contain. This will be an interesting one to watch, because if a judge sides in favor of the Gilbert family it may open the door for every performer that’s ever been featured on the WWE Network; something I’m sure the company thought about before launching in 2014. 

Ask the Knockouts Champ

We will be talking with TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell this week, promoting Friday’s special Knockouts edition of Impact Wrestling on Destination America. Taryn will be defending the belt against Awesome Kong. 

The interview will be a fast-paced Q&A session made up entirely of your questions, which you can contribute in the comments section below (keep it classy, we will be monitoring this one).