Billy Corgan Purchases Wrestling Tape Library, TRN Wrestling Talks Corgan/TNA, KOTR, More


Billy Corgan Purchases Wrestling Tape Library

New TNA creative member Billy Corgan recently noted that he had purchased a wrestling tape library, and detailed the contents in several tweets (collected below):

“One thing I’ve yet to reveal, until now, is that I’d recently purchased the wrestling archives of the great, Chicago promoter Bob Luce… Amongst Mr. Luce’s collection were 9000 photos from 1955-1961, with many featuring Verne Gagne both in and out of the ring, and at home. So someday soon I hope to put together a book and possibly a website to share these fantastic images of so many legends like Mr. Gagne. Plus: The Sheikh, Cholak, Crusher, Dick the Bruiser, Snyder, Angelo Poffo, the Koloffs, and so many, many more, in their absolute prime.” 

The Rebellion Network 

The Rebellion Network’s TRN Wrestling podcast recently published a new podcast, and the topic was Corgan’s TNA hiring.

Hosts Nick and Ross talk to Chicago’s Resistance Pro Wrestling’s Mr. 450 about Corgan joining Impact Wrestling; Nick and Mr. 450 previously worked with Corgan in R-Pro as a manager and wrestler, respectively.

You can read the show synopsis, including other topics of the night, as well as listen to the podcast by clicking here. TRN Wrestling is also available on iTunes and Stitcher.   

TRN Rebels Nick & Ross are the hosts for this episode of TRN Wrestling. They are joined at the top of the show by Mr. 450 who weighs in on Billy Corgan joining TNA Impact WrestlingNick & 450 used to work with Billy in RESISTANCE Pro Wrestling and offer their insights on what they think fans can expect. Rounding out this episode Ross & Nick chat about Eric Bischoff joining Global Force Wrestlingand the King of the Ring 2015 WWE Network special.