Billy Corgan Responds To TNA Cancellation Reports; Says Fans Are Being Worked By ‘Sloppy Angle’

impact wrestlingWe previously reported that the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer featured a report that Destination America is planning on cancelling, or has given order to cancel TNA programming on the network. Dave Meltzer of the Observer mentioned that the cancellation was a decision made before Impact Wrestling’s move to Wednesdays, starting June 3rd.

TNA creative member and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan responded to these reports, and replied to a comment made by “Sign Guy Dudley” Lou D’Angeli of ECW fame. D’Angeli said TNA losing a TV deal is nothing to celebrate; Corgan said the situation is a “sloppy angle” and there are truths unreported,  and that the person reported (Meltzer), is being “worked himself” by the situation.  

Corgan also said he speaks from experience, in that Meltzer has made claims and reports without statement before, including against Corgan himself.