More Details on AJ Styles Turning Down TNA Offer, Backstage News on Several NXT Rookies, Progress Said to Be Slower Than Expected

Source: The Wrestling Observer

aj stylesMore Details on AJ Styles Turning Down TNA Offer

As noted, former TNA Champion AJ Styles turned down a significant deal to return to TNA for a match at Slammiversary and a Hall of Fame induction.

The deal offered was reportedly a multi-date deal, discussed several months ago, and it would have seen Styles wrestle at the Slammiversary and Bound For Glory PPV events, as well as get an induction into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Styles reportedly turned the deal down as he is currently committed to New Japan and ROH.

Backstage News on Several NXT Rookies

The following are notes on several NXT talents.

Braun Stowman, who recently worked a WWE dark match, is said to still be very green and is “not even close to being ready.”

Lina, the Samoan Monster woman, is said to also be very green as of now.

Baron Corbin is considered a full heel in NXT, even though a “turn” hasn’t happened.

Most of the NXT talents who did not have strong indy name value before coming to NXT are said to be progressing much slower than expected. NXT is doing a lot more with post-production during television shows as a lot of the talents are much greener than they might appear on TV. The live crowd in Florida is said to be very forgiving of bad matches, as they have fun no matter what, but there is a big difference between working in front of 200 people and 2,500.