Daniel Bryan’s New Book Includes Account of Bryan Being Disrespected by a Former WWE Star, Which WWE Vet Stood Up for Him?

daniel bryanAs noted, the new Daniel Bryan book “Yes! My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania” will be released tomorrow, and so far the book is generating very positive reviews. Bill Jones of AVClub.com has given the book an A-, and says the memoir is “worth a read.”

One of the more notable passages in the book features Bryan recalling an instance of disrespect, as he tells the story of former WWE star Ezekiel Jackson bullying Bryan into giving up an aisle seat during a flight to WrestleMania.

Bryan says he never really experienced any disrespect from another superstar in WWE, until the plane ride to ‘Mania. Bryan says he was sitting in an aisle seat, when Jackson, who now works as Big Ryck in Lucha Underground, asked “which one of you rookies has an aisle seat?” Bryan responded by saying he did, to which Jackson said “not anymore you don’t”. Jackson was upset that he had a middle seat, and when Bryan said “what do you mean?”, Jackson said “I’m taking it [the seat].”

Bryan said he had already been in a bad mood from the previous night, and didn’t feel like taking any “shit”, so he stood up to Jackson and said “no, actually, you’re not.” Bryan added he would have gladly given up the seat had Jackson asked nicely.

When Jackson got angry with Bryan’s response, Bryan revealed William Regal stood up and chastised Jackson. Regal told Jackson Bryan is like a son to him, and that Bryan has more talent in his little finger than Jackson does in his entire body.

With that, Jackson relented and walked away.