Kamala Says Hulk Hogan is Not a Racist, Talks Their Relationship, Recalls Vince McMahon’s Racial Comments, Low Payoffs Being Linked to Race and More

kamalaHe portrayed one of the most infamous characters in the history of professional wrestling and today James “Kamala” Harris joins The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast. On the heels of the recent Hulk Hogan controversy, Kamala comes out in defense of the beleaguered Hogan and offers a different perspective on the racial insensitivity portrayed in the wrestling business. As an African-American wrestler Kamala has endured racism while competing in some of the biggest territories across The United States but it never stopped James Harris from entertaining and doing what he loves most, wrestling. We also analyze some of Kamala’s greatest matches and moments as covered in his book: Kamala Speaaks with Co-Author, Kenny Cassanova.

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WWE Legend Kamala SAYS Hulk Hogan is Not Racist Look AT Vince McMahon: https://youtu.be/QKfIQVrbEZk

Is the response to the Hulk Hogan Controversy accurate:

The way I see it is, I didn’t see it like that when I was growing up. But over the years, I guess I’m more mature and the way I see it now is we have our little things that we say about white people. Not that we mean harm by doing it, we do it in privacy. We have little jokes and have fun about it. This is me personally now, I do not think Hogan meant harm by saying that and Hogan is my brother until he decides not to be.

His relationship with The Hulkster and if he ever felt unfairly treated by him:

We had a good relationship. Hogan, he was the World Champion and to me and I’m not knocking any other champions but he was the most re-memorable champion from my point of view that I’ve ever been around. He was not snobby, he would always come to me and I guess that is why we had such good matches. He would always come to me and say “Hey brother what are we gonna do tonight?” Now that’s a champion asking me what I want to do and my input and we would put together our match just like that. Hogan would get in that ring and he would sell for me and make it look like I was killing him. I was happy for him to make his comeback. He was just a sweetheart, that’s all I can say. Mostly all the matches I had with Hogan stand out to me. Not because he was the champion, that’s part of it too but he was such a colorful guy. They could hit that music and the people would go wild.

Hogan helping Kamala get into WCW:

He called me up and said “brother, I need you to come down here and work with me and talk to Eric Bischoff about your contract”. I could never get Eric on the phone so I went on anyway without a contract and when I did see Eric and asked him about the contract Eric told me “wait for a while and let me get a good look at you”. Now I’ve been all over the world and if he hadn’t looked at me in all of that time, he wasn’t going to look. But I worked without a contract and I went to Hogan and I said “look brother, I’m going to have to leave here and just go on and be a little old truck driver like I did in 1970 before I got into the business”. He said let me go talk to him, he talked to him and it was just a hair better.  The last straw was when they booked me against Randy Savage and they told me they wanted me to put Randy Savage over and I had just got a bad bad paycheck so I told Hogan, brother I’m leaving right now, the money is just not right. I walked out and I haven’t seen Hogan since and that was in 95.