Triple H On Facebook Live Highlights; HHH Talks Takeover, The Current Tough Enough Competitors, Does He See Ronda Rousey Back In WWE? (Video)

Triple H Top 10As noted, Triple H took part in a new Facebook Live streaming feature for a Q&A session; you can read some highlights from the video, and watch it in the player below:

HHH hypes the “WWE Summerslam weekend” of events, including RAW, Summerslam and NXT Takeover. He said tickets will be released for Takeover, but the event will be a sell out. He notes that WWE selling the arena out three nights in a row is impressive, and not many others can do that.  

HHH says Jushin “Thunder” Liger coming to WWE NXT Takeover has brought a lot of hype and excitement to the brand. 

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HHH gives a quick tour of his office, including him showing the live streaming coming directly from a 24/7 camera at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

HHH says they are working on making NXT a touring brand around the United States and internationally, and they would go wherever there’s demand for the brand. He says they have some dates lined up for festivals this year, and potential for some UK shows too. 

He brings up this season’s competitors on WWE Tough Enough, and says it’s hard to say if anyone on the show will still make it to WWE. He says some contestants have potential, but there are also some people eliminated already that had the same potential. HHH says is someone was eliminated and WWE is their dream, they will still find a way outside of Tough Enough to make it. 

HHH comments on Ronda Rousey in a WWE ring again, saying it depends on a lot of factors to make it happen. He says the opportunity is there for Ronda if she wants it, and they need to just find a way to make something happen. HHH says “never say never” when it comes to WWE, or Ronda making another appearance. 


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Posted by Paul “Triple H” Levesque on Wednesday, August 5, 2015