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WWE NXT Results (9/23): The Vaudevillains Defend Against Blake And Murphy, Kana Signs Her NXT Contract!

WWE NXT Results

September 23rd 2015

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Eva Marie vs Carmella

In an interesting turn of events, they actually address the fact that Marie didn’t kick out a few weeks ago. Of course they are playing it up as controversy from the standpoint of Marie actually managing to get her shoulder off the mat. She clearly didn’t. But I guess wrestling is all about suspending disbelief, huh? As soon as the bell rings Carmella charges Marie. Trapping her in the corner, then dumping her over the top rope. Carmella adds a moonwalk for good measure. Suplex by Marie for a two-count. Marie splashes Carmella in the corner, hits the rope and boot Carmella right in the face for another near fall. 

Marie is beating down Carmella while berating her, calling her a loser. Marie is tapping into her natural heel nature. Carmella goes for a quick small package, but Marie kicks out. Carmella surprises Marie with a hurricanrana out of the corner, followed by two Thez presses. Carmella goes for a pin and the referee stops at a two count. Carmella asks the ref what happened and the ref tells her Marie’s foot was on the ropes. Marie trips Carmella and she falls to the outside. The ref quickly counts Carmella out.

Winner- Eva Marie

Bull Dempsey vs Tyler Breeze 

Breeze grabs a side headlock, but Dempsey toys with him. Lifting him off his feet and messing up Prince Pretty’s hair. Inverted atomic drop by Dempsey followed by Dempsey just tossing Breeze across the ring. Breeze whips Dempsey into the corner, but Dempsey flips over the ropes. Breeze knocks Dempsey off the apron, and Dempsey narrowly avoids being counted out. Breeze has grounded Dempsey with a tight side headlock. Dempsey is trying to fight out of it, but Breeze is doing a great job working this headlock.

Dempsey picks up Breeze and tosses him out of the headlock. Breeze tries to land a few punches, but Dempsey fires up. After a Bull-flurry, Dempsey goes up top for his diving head but. Breeze rolls out of the way. Dempsey rolls him back into the ring, and goes back up top. Breeze gets up, tosses Dempsey off the top rope and puts his feet on the ropes to pin Dempsey.

Winner- Tyler Breeze