Harry Smith Comments on Acquiring the “British Bulldog” Ring Name, Reveals How Long it Took for Him to Get the Rights

british bulldogAs noted, former WWE star Harry Smith has acquired the legal rights to his late father’s ring name “British Bulldog”, and Smith will now go by “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, Jr. in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Smith spoke with Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet.com regarding his new ring name, and below is an article excerpt:

The 30 year-old wrestler tells us things took quite awhile to get finalized … but he’s proud to finally have the name back in his family’s possession. Smith adds, “Certainly, this has also given me boost and excitement, and is making me want to work harder and train harder to make the name proud.”

Smith added that he had the blessing of both his mother and sister to use the name, and you can read more by clicking on the above link.