Update On Los Matadores Being Repackaged, Possible Reason For Tough Enough’s GiGi Not Getting Signed By WWE

Los Matadores Being Repackaged

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Eddie and Orlando Colon, collectively known as Los Matadores, have reportedly been told they are being kept off WWE television for the time being.

They were apparently told WWE wants the fans to ‘forget’ the Los Matadores gimmick, and bring them back as a repackaged team. 

Tough Enough

According to Dave Meltzer, WWE wanted to sign Tough Enough contestant Giorgia Piscina, but something “troubling” was discovered in her past. Meltzer commented on the matter on the Wrestling Observer message boards, noting the matter was “really big” but he did not know exactly what it was. He added that the general feeling about her was to pretend she was never there.