Paul Heyman “Crashes” World Series Pregame Show, Triple H Congratulates Batista, Attending Corey Graves Hosted Event

Triple H / Corey Graves News

As we noted earlier in the week, WWE announcer Corey Graves will be hosting the Concussion Legacy Foundation’s 8th annual Impact Awards on November 4th in Boston.

For those unaware, the CLF is run by former WWE star Chris Nowinski, and Triple H will be attending the event along with Graves.

Paul Heyman “Crashes” World Series Pregame Show

Paul Heyman made an appearance during tonight’s World Series pregame show on FOX Sports 1, and “crashed” a segment by insulting the show hosts. He also talked about being a big supporter of WWE Hall of Famer Pete Rose getting reinstated in baseball.

Heyman teased he might be appearing on another FOX Sports 1 segment during the World Series when he said if “Charlie Hustle was in NYC, the advocate of Brock Lesnar will come to Charlie Hustle.”

Triple H Congratulates Batista

Triple H Tweeted the following: