Exclusive: Former TMZ Senior Producer Ryan Satin On Young Bucks-NXT Talks, Original “Evil Bunny” Plans, WWE Raiding Lucha Underground, more (Audio Included)

WZR Ryan SatinEarlier today ProWrestlingSheet.com & former TMZ Senior Producer Ryan Satin joined WrestleZone Daily. Ryan is a regular on The Daily every Wednesday and discusses his latest exclusive pro wrestling news stories from his website ProWrestlingSheet.com.

This week Ryan talk about some of his exclusive details regarding Big Ryck leaving Season 2 of Lucha Underground, how close The Young Bucks got to signing with WWE, Jerry Lawler’s scary car crash from the weekend, Adam Rose’s bunny, more

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You can listen to Ryan’s appearance starting at the 30:20 minute mark in the embedded audio player below. Some of his quotes have been transcribed below it:

On his thoughts about Adam Rose’s “Bunny” returning with a dark edge:

RS: I saw this tweet last night where it said, “Catch me on Main Event,” and how he was saying that the party is over. I was like, “oh, cool.” I didn’t even see that last night. That is creepy as hell back there. I’m looking at it right now on my computer. That is creepy. Did you ever see Justin Gabriel, or PJ Black now, the pictures that he tweeted? He had originally gone to management for an idea of being like “The Dark Bunny.” Doing a similar angle. He talked about it on Jericho’s podcast I believe? One of the podcasts, maybe Colt Cabana’s. It’s crazy. He posted all these cool pictures that he had mocked up of what the scary version of “The Bunny” would have looked like. He’s gonna be pissed if they actually do this. 

Below is a tweet from Ryan with a link to what Gabriel’s version of “Evil Bunny” would have looked like: 

On Big Ryck not being a part of Lucha Underground Season 2 and WWE looking at Lucha Underground as competition:

RS: Some of the weird moves he’s been pulling the past few weeks remind me of what Alberto Del Rio was doing before he went back to WWE. He went and said that there was racists in the company. He had a very public outing from the company. There were all these negative news stories. He wasn’t very positive and he was the freaking champion of AAA. I mean, I don’t know. Big Ryck is a big dude. He’s HUGE. I’ve stood next to him and he’s monstrous size. Monstrous. Since he left WWE I think he’s surprised a lot of people by staying in the industry. I remember when he was in WWE he was never known as a good worker or anything like that. He put on some really good matches in Lucha Underground. He’s been able to continue to work and make a little bit of a name for himself outside of WWE. Maybe they got interested, you know? I don’t know Vince McMahon personally but from what I’ve read about him he likes big dudes. He’s got a big dude right there ready to go who can now wrestle better than when he did before. This is all speculation. I have absolutely no idea, this is just my brain and how it works. I don’t know. It’s more because I didn’t think that WWE was interested in Del Rio as much anymore. I didn’t know that they were gonna do with him what they are going to do with him… and terribly. Now he’s back and he’s instantly US Champion. I just don’t know. I don’t know if maybe they have some kind of thing where they’re looking at Lucha Underground as competition new because they are coming back for a second season. I don’t know if you were watching RAW, I’m sure you were, Rey Mysterio was mentioned on Monday Night RAW too. Another person who had been rumored to be involved in Lucha Underground this season. To me I don’t know if the second season made the WWE think that Lucha Underground might be competition and they are trying to get some of those people back. 

On The Young Bucks announcing their ROH deal the same day that WWE announced 19 new recruits

RS: I found that very interesting as well. The conspiracy theorist in me definitely thought there was something funny going on. Like you said, last week it was announced that The Young Bucks signed “exclusive,”  I put quotation marks around that, “exclusive” contracts with Ring of Honor. Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned that they basically held discussions with EVERY major wrestling company before making the decision. I am not saying that there was some sort of bidding war or anything like that. Over the past year they’ve had multiple talks with different companies including, like you said, they had semi-preliminary talks with NXT for awhile. What I was told, from my sources, the talks just never got serious. There were plenty of people in positions of authority that were pushing for the top brass to sign them and bring them in. Nothing was ever able to work out. What I found more interesting was that TNA had actually contacted the brothers a few times throughout the year to try and get them to come back. The most recent time was Bound For Glory. The recent one that was in North Carolina. Nothing ever obviously happened but I found it kind of interesting that TNA wanted them back. 

You can listen to the full archives for WrestleZone Daily in the embedded player below: