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Backstage News Regarding Concern in TNA Over ROH / COMET News, Did Destination America Use ROH To Damage TNA’s Viewership?

tnaAs noted, Ring of Honor announced this week that beginning in December, ROH will be leaving Destination America and the show will be airing on Sinclair Broadcasting’s new COMET network.

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According to, there was backstage concern in TNA when they began hearing rumors that ROH might be leaving DA and had another outlet waiting for them, but there were also people in TNA who believed that outlet to be something other than COMET.

The report also notes that there has been fear in TNA that ROH might have been used by DA in order to prevent TNA from hitting certain viewership goals. This way of thinking might either be paranoid or legitimate, but some people in TNA feel ROH might have been added to DA in order to prevent TNA from securing its multi-year deal with the Network.

When TNA first signed its deal with Destination America, TNA had to hit a certain viewership goal in a certain amount of time in order for their first 2-3 year automatic renewal to kick in. The feeling is that as TNA got closer to hitting that goal, that’s when the stories of Impact’s cancelation on DA began, and that’s when DA made the move to bring in ROH. The feeling is the rumors of Impact’s imminent cancelation lead to viewers regarding TNA as a lame-duck product, and ROH’s presence on DA took away from TNA’s viewership and ultimately prevented them from hitting its viewership goal.

ROH leaving Destination America does seem to validate previous reports that DA might be dropping pro wrestling altogether, but it should be noted that ROH leaving DA in December does not mean TNA will be leaving the network any sooner than planned. As of now, TNA is expected to be gone from DA in February of 2016.

While this might be unrelated to the above news, we did note this morning that TNA President Dixie Carter is headed to LA today, which has prompted speculation that she could be meeting about a potential TV deal.