Ric Flair Co-Host Dispells RAW Angle Source Rumors, Long Time Interview Show Cancelled In Canada

ric flairRic Flair

Source: F4WOnline.com 

Concerning reports about the source of the Charlotte/Paige segment on WWE RAW, Ric Flair’s WOOOOOO Nation co-host Conrad Thompson said that the angle being Charlotte’s idea is completely false. 

He later added on Twitter that when Ric was speaking about his daughter “not being able to turn the angle down”, it was just Ric suggesting that could have been how she felt, but not actually a confirmation of her feelings or a statement from her. 

Ric Flair’s latest podcast went online last night, and he confirmed he had no prior knowledge that WWE would bring up his deceased son, Reid, in the segment. Flair echoed Thompson’s comments, saying that what happened was “his take” on it, but it doesn’t mean he was right about any details, as he did not speak to WWE about it at the time. 

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TSN Off The Record 

TSN in Canada has cancelled the long-running series “Off The Record” featuring Michael Landsberg.

Budget and job cuts by Bell Media were the reasons given for ending the series after 18 years; Landsberg often featured professional wrestlers as his guests.