Top 10 Current WWE Markets And Notable Moments

Top 10 Current WWE Markets And Notable Moments
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The landscape of professional wrestling is constantly changing year after year, with some cities picking up more shows, some cities picking up less shows, and the attendance drastically fluctuating from city to city. One example I can think of from my extensive research is Nashville. Live TV broadcasts had 13,000+ fans in 2015 and today the city struggles to crest 8,000. On the opposite end of the spectrum we see Buffalo, which had just over 8,000 fans in 2015 and is now consistently over 11,000. This top 10 list will look at the cities that WWE has always been loyal to, showcasing the list of significant events that have happened in these cities and the attendance figures for these events. This list looks at all events and shows from January 1, 2015 until today and covers 3.5 years of programming.

#10 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is one of only 7 cities on the list that have hosted at least 9 televised events since 2015. The total attendance is estimated around 80,300 people with the city welcoming 5 RAW shows, 2 Smackdown shows, and 2 PPV’s (Roadblock & Extreme Rules). Some of the significant events we saw in Pittsburgh include The Authority officially welcoming Randy Orton to the group in 2015 and Sheamus forming the “League of Nations” in November of 2015. In July of 2016, Pittsburgh hosted the first RAW with its new modern stage design. Most recently, Pittsburgh was noted for its odd crowd antics last month at Extreme Rules when they paid more attention to the iron match countdown timer than the Intercontinental Championship main event match. Pittsburgh will next see WWE for a Smackdown taping on December 29th that will air on TV January 1st, 2019.

#9 – Atlanta, Georgia

Coming in at #9 with an approximate attendance of 82,800 is Atlanta which has hosted 4 RAW shows, 3 Smackdown shows, and a Survivor Series since 2015. A mid-2015 RAW saw Brock Lesnar sign a championship match contract against a heel Seth Rollins. Sheamus cashed in his MITB contract against Roman Reigns at Survivor Series in 2015. Brock Lesnar made his first appearance in over 4 months on August 1, 2016 in Atlanta and was on the receiving end of a Randy Orton RKO from nowhere. Atlanta delivered one of the best WrestleMania “go-home” shows in recent years in 2018, highlighted by an Angle/Rousey Vs. HHH/Stephanie face-off in the ring. Atlanta does not have any official WWE dates in the future as of now, but according to a leaked touring schedule WWE will be in Atlanta for Smackdown on October 30th.

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