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Update: Bret Hart Reportedly Contacts Vince McMahon Regarding Unauthorized Use of Stampede Wrestling Footage

bret hartWe noted earlier in the week that old Stampede Wrestling footage which had been uploaded to the WWE Network, had subsequently been removed due to a reported issue with Bret Hart. Hart reportedly owns all Stampede footage which features him, and in order for WWE to use footage featuring Hart, the company would have to license it through the Hitman.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Bret Hart owning the rights to Stampede footage bearing his likeness was indeed the reason why the footage was pulled from the WWE Network, as Bret’s parents gave him the rights to his content before they passed. This is something which has been known for years, but apparently there was a miscommunication somewhere which lead to the footage being added to the WWE Network without Bret’s authorization.

Bret reportedly called WWE’s Mark Carrano, who claimed WWE owned all Stampede footage after a deal was made with Bruce and Ross Hart, which prompted Bret to contact Vince McMahon and WWE attorney Scott Amann. Bret informed both Vince and Amann that there would be a legal issue if the footage was not pulled, and Vince reportedly said he would look into it personally on Monday of this past week.

Vince then ordered that all Stampede footage be removed from the WWE Network until the situation is resolved. No word yet on when the episodes may be added back.