Karen Jarrett On Why Colt Cabana Is Working With GFW & Why She Was Hesitant To Return To TNA With Jeff


WrestleZone Radio presents this exclusive interview with current GFW & former TNA personality Karen Jarrett. During the interview Karen candidly talks about:

– GFW’s upcoming east coast tour

– Partnering with Pro Wrestling Syndicate for one of the shows

– Why Colt Cabana is working with GFW and not other major North American pro wrestling companies

– Her husband Jeff Jarrett’s vision for GFW

– What her time with GFW in TNA was like

– Why she was hesitant to work with TNA again

– How she feels about her ex-husband Kurt Angle possibly having an MMA match

– What it’s been like working with former UFC star Chael Sonnen in GFW

– GFW helping to promote Roddy Piper’s final film The Masked Saint

– And more…

You can find the full audio as well as some of Karen’s quotes transcribed below:

On why Colt Cabana is working with GFW and not other North American pro wrestling companies:

KJ: Because we were the ones that were smart enough to snag him up. Seriously, this guy, he is an amazing talent. Immense amount of charisma. Works his butt off. Isn’t afraid to work. Just an all around, in every aspect of the word, great talent. I can’t figure out how he hasn’t been picked up before this. I think it’s that you have people that get in to the business and they either have it or they don’t. He has it. He has been able to make it and continue on in this business all on his own. He keeps his schedule completely booked. Not only is he great in the ring, he’s great out of the ring, he’s great with the fans. Again, he’s an all around great talent. 

On what her reaction was to Jeff telling her that he was thinking of coming back and doing an angle with TNA and GFW:

KJ: My first reaction was, “Absolutely not.” It was stressful. It was a difficult decision but it was something that Jeff really wanted to do. There are angles in the business, obviously. What played out was truly our real life. I have to say it came off well on camera. I think most of everything that happened was true to life. I’m glad that period of GFW teaming up with other companies is behind us. We are moving forward, you are going to see a lot of GFW and other promotions teaming up throughout 2016. I’ve got to be a little tight lipped on that. Jeff is brilliant at rolling out things and making announcements. There’s so much good, independent talent out there. Great independent talent out there. I don’t see why more promotions don’t do it. Let’s not forget that TNA’s ratings went up as soon as Jeff and I walked out in to that ring.

On if there was any one particular reason she was hesitant about working with TNA again:

KJ: Jeff was able to leave the way he wanted. Unless you walked in our shoes it’s hard for people to understand. Those were a few stressful years in our life. Personally, professionally and Jeff is amazing at what he does. I know he wasn’t able to do what he’s great at those last few years that he was there. We saw more for our future, wanted more out of the business and I think it was just the best thing for him to walk away so that we could do what makes us happy. Him being there, we weren’t able to do that. 

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