Bobby Lashley Calls Out The Bellator Heavyweight Champion, Says He Wants Big Name Fight, Comments On Impact’s POP TV Debut, More

  • TNA’s debut on POP TV
  • Wanting a shot at the Bellator Heavyweight Champion
  • The possibility of fights against the likes of Fedor Emelianenko and Kimbo Slice
  • Wanting to represent pro wrestling in a big MMA fight
  • More…

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You can listen to Bobby’s appearance starting at the 1:17:26 minute mark in the embedded audio player below. Some of his quotes have been transcribed below it:

On TNA Impact Wrestling’s debut on POP TV:

BL: It was great. Everyone had their speculation as to what was going to happen with TNA. Dixie always kind of gave us that no-nonsense, everything was going to be alright. Nobody ever really questioned that. It was good to get back out there in front of the crowd. It was hot. POP TV is really behind us so we are really looking forward to having a good year. 

On what is next for him in Bellator:

BL: I think right now… I’m not 21 anymore. I’m 22 (laughs). At this point in my career I’m not just there to just fight. I am there to fight and I want to make the fights that make sense. Right now in my career there’s only a couple of fights that I am even interested in doing. One, fighting for the title. Two, fighting some big names. Big names. Fedor. Big name. Kimbo. Big name. I want a big fight. I want a big fight. I want a big fight and I want a big fight that makes sense so I can stake my legacy. I think Fedor is one that MMA fans are going to be like, “Damn, that’s a good fight.” Then everybody else knows his name. Kimbo is just a hype fight. It’s a big money fight. He’s going to go out there and push it big. Kimbo has this huge following and I think he’s a great dude but at the end of the day we are all here to make money. Lastly, the champ. The champ has been ducking everybody for two years. Hadn’t fought anybody in Bellator. He needs to give up the title or he needs to come and fight. I keep saying it, “I don’t know if he’s trying to keep his undefeated streak of 17-0 or if he’s looking to move to 18-0 with easy fights.” I am trying to tell him. Look, if he wants an easy fight, fight the pro wrestler. I am going to let him know that I am not an easy fight. All these fighters they always go, “Oh he’s pro wrestling! Oh he’s pro wrestling!” The last guy said the same thing and I destroyed him in fifty second. The guy before that tried to put on a mask. All these guys keep doing that because they think once you go in to pro wrestling then you have no legitimacy. I’ve been wrestling for thirteen years. I won three national championships. I took second in the world. My wrestling experience is extensive and if they think I’m an easy fight because I pro wrestled then bring it on. Fight me. 

On a potential Bellator Heavyweight Championship fight against Vitaly Minakov:

BL: My fighting career is almost coming to an end. I want to go after that title. It’s very, very important to me. It doesn’t make sense for me to win an MMA title and not have a pro wrestling title at the same time. I was hoping to get the pro wrestling title now so that in my next fight I can really make that hard push to call out their champ. That is what I am doing right now. I am calling out the champ. Minakov. I’m calling his ass out right now. Bring it back to the United States and fight me. I’m 4-0 in Bellator right now. I haven’t lost since… I haven’t lost. If he’s looking for a title shot I think that Bellator is ready to give it to me. I’ll even go so far as to say I’ll wear the TNA title to the ring when I go fight. He can wear the Bellator one and I can wear the TNA one and it’s going to piss a lot of people off but let’s get out there and fight. If I go out I am going out in a blaze of glory. If I go out and I beat him I am going to hold both of those titles up. It’s going ruffle some feathers but in the wrestling community it’s going to build them up. It’s going to make my wrestling fans, the ones that I really care about, very happy.

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